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A St Andrews Mystery
By Richard Falconer

The most famous and prolific ghost in St Andrews is the ‘White Lady’. Anyone familiar with the town is more than likely aware of her, but how much does anyone really know about her?

Following research spanning five decades, this is the most comprehensive investigation there has been into a fascinating St Andrews mystery involving a ghost and a chamber of corpses that sparked a wave of national correspondence.

All the articles, interviews and letters published between 1860 and 1925 have been brought together here for the first time, alongside many previously unpublished reports of sightings and associated experiences of the White Lady. Collectively, what they reveal is far more intriguing and complex than any have realised.

Welcome to a St Andrews Mystery.

264 pages

Factual/Historical/Local Interest
Available now in paperback.
Amazon Kindle available in December

of St Andrews
By Richard Falconer

A Ghost Tour of the Ancient &
Historic City

With 65 locations and hundreds of Ghostly encounters
St. Andrews is not only the Home of Golf,
it is also the Home of Ghosts!

With many previously unpublished
firsthand eyewitness accounts

Also incorporating

W. T. Linskill's 1911 Classic
St Andrews Ghost Stories
Annotated & cross-referenced
with subsequent accounts

356 pages

Available as paperback and Amazon Kindle

of Fife
By Richard Falconer

Incorporating a trail of 25 Haunted Castles

A Wealth of Haunts are to be found within these
pages spanning the length and breadth of the
Kingdom of Fife.

Relayed through many previously unpublished firsthand eyewitness accounts, stories,
tales & legends

Over 80 haunted places with many more locations
and Ghostly encounters

272 pages

Available as paperback and Amazon Kindle
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A Diary Too Late
By RAF Veteran David WIlliams

This is the fascinating and moving autobiography of a UK expatriate who spent part of his life in the RAF serving across Asia.

All proceeds to the charity
Blind Veterans UK



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