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Richard Falconer - St. Andrews

Author of
A St. Andrews Mystery
Ghosts of St. Andrews
Ghosts of Fife
Creator of St Andrews Ghost Tours

Having been brought up in St. Andrews, Richard Falconer; a former member of the Scottish Society for Psychical Research (SSPR) in Edinburgh has extensively researched the supernatural in St. Andrews and Fife over many years.

Richard is an author, freelance web, graphic and book designer, and runs Obsidian Publishing. He has been involved in the paranormal and the esoteric for many years

From the age of 13 Richard spent many a night in the Cathedral ruins. He has seen ghosts from the age of 6, and has a few accounts from the Cathedral precincts. His latest encounter with a ghost was in August when himself and a tour party saw the black shape of a person standing behind the benches opposite the Haunted Tower in St Andrews. After a second or two it moved toward the light and was gone. In late September 2013, he saw the famed ‘Green Jeanie’ at Balgonie Castle whilst taking photos for his St Andrews and Fife books.

Armed with a number of accounts and tales he collected over the years from residents of St Andrews and Fife, Richard conducted further research into the supernatural in these locations in the latter part of the 1980s.


Photo courtesy of Bruce Mcintosh

Research was conducted through the libraries of St. Andrews, with books spanning some 500 years. Letters were also placed in international magazines and the local press for correspondence of a supernatural nature. As a result he received many firsthand accounts from witnesses now living across the world of their ghostly experiences and stories in St Andrews and Fife.

He spent a year conducting additional research through 2013 and brought it all up to date for publication. The recent testimony he has gathered has been added to the firsthand accounts he initially received, and together with his early research his books Ghosts of St Andrews and Ghosts of Fife form the most comprehensive collection of the supernatural there has been in Fife.

Richard's new book A St Andrews Mystery is the only investigation there has been into the famed Haunted Tower and the White Lady apparition. "Originally this was going to be a chapter in my book Ghosts of St Andrews, but 100 pages later, I realised I was writing another book!."

Richard would love to hear from you about your own ghostly experiences in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland or anywhere you have experienced something unusual. Richard is also founder of St Andrews Ghost Tours and the Forgotten History Tours of St Andrews and conducts tours of the town 7 days a week throughout the year.

If you have any questions they can be directed to Richard via the contact page.

David Williams - Avebury

Author of
A Diary Too Late

David is from the UK and currently lives in retirement in the beautiful and mysterious village of Avebury, WIltshire.

Until retirement his life was devoted to the service of the RAF overseas, mainly in Asia. He is now nearly blind, but this has not daunted his warm sense of humour and generous nature. In fact he carries himself very well, and unless he mentioned it, you would probably never know about his condition. He now spends his leisure time socialising in Avebury's Red Lion Hotel, writing his memoirs or making momentos out of stone with equipment he received with the help of Blind Veterans UK. They have helped equip David with what he needs to make his stoneware, and in like manner to his autobiography, all proceeds of the products he makes are also donated to Blind Veterans UK.


If you have any questions they can be directed to David via the contact page.


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